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2025 HSA Limits Released

May 15, 2024

The IRS has released the 2025 HSA maximum contribution limits. See below for changes from 2024 to 2025:   2025 CONTRIBUTION, OUT-OF-POCKET LIMITS FOR HEALTH SAVINGS ACCOUNTS (HSA) AND…

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Men, Vision Health, and The Big 5

May 11, 2024

Five of the most common health issues you face as a male can carry a risk of serious harm to your vision. Learn the ways your vision can be affected by each of these diseases, and what you can do to help avoid them.   1.…

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4 Unexpected Ways to Take Care of Your Eye Health

April 16, 2024

It is common knowledge that a vision care exam is the number one way to ensure your eyes stay happy and healthy. But did you know that there are other, more unexpected ways to ensure your employees keep their eyes…

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Protecting Eyes from the Sun and What You Need to Know About Sunglasses

April 11, 2024

While exposure to sunlight can have positive effects on our overall health, including heightened energy and mood, everyone needs to defend themselves from its potentially harmful ultraviolet rays. People are increasingly diligent about protecting…

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Take Your Surency Vision Benefits Virtual

April 09, 2024

Buying eyeglasses online might be unfamiliar, but in today’s digital-shopping age, purchasing eyewear on the internet has become a consumer favorite. It’s easy and convenient with Surency — plus, you can use your benefits for…

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Find an Eye Doctor

February 17, 2024

The Find An Eye Doctor tab will automatically search for a provider in your network. You can search for a provider by location, doctor name, hours & scheduling, services or products provided, languages spoken and…

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Mobile Wallet

December 28, 2023

Add Your Surency Benefits Card to Your Apple Wallet You can now add your Surency benefits card to your Apple wallet! Easily log in to the Surency Flex mobile app and click "Add to Apple Wallet" to add the Surency Benefits Card and start…

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IRS Update: 2024 Contribution Limits

November 09, 2023

On November 9, 2023, the IRS released the 2024 Health FSA / Limited Purpose FSA and Commuter Benefits maximum contribution limits. There are no changes to dependent care flexible spending account (DC…

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Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account Quick Facts

October 17, 2023

Pay Less in Taxes Putting money into a Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (DC FSA) before you pay taxes on it saves you money by lowering your amount of taxable income. The result? You pay less in taxes each year.

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5 HSA Myths

October 15, 2023

This year marks the 20th anniversary of HSAs (Health Savings Accounts), and today we are celebrating National HSA Awareness Day (October 15) by debunking some common myths about HSAs. HSAs have been around for two decades, but how much do…

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