Dependent Care FSA

A Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (DC FSA) is a special type of pre-tax flexible spending account. The funds may only be used on qualified dependent care expenses, such as daycare and general-purpose day camps for dependents under the age of 13. Funds may also be used to pay for adult day care services for dependents who are unable to care for themselves*.

2024 Maximum Contribution

$5,000 per year for married couples filing joint federal taxes or single caretakers.
$2,500 for married couples filing separate federal taxes.

How Does it Work?

Choosing an Annual Election

Once members have enrolled and set their annual election amount, that pre-tax amount will be automatically deducted from their paycheck in equal increments throughout the year. Unlike a health care FSA, DC FSA funds are not all available at the start of the plan year. Members are reimbursed for eligible expenses as they are incurred and as funds are deposited into the DC FSA.

Common Eligible Expenses with a DC FSA include:

  • Daycare, Nursery School, and Preschool
  • Summer Camps
  • Adult Daycare
  • Before/After School Programs

Reimbursement Options

At Surency, getting reimbursed is easy! Members have two easy ways to request reimbursement.

1. Recurring - Members can submit one claim form for the entire Plan Year and receive recurring reimbursements. This works when the dependent care expenses are for the same amount, from the same provider and for the same length of time. Access the recurring reimbursement form here.

2. Individual Claims - Members can submit claims throughout the Plan Year or if the daycare expenses vary throughout the year. Easily submit claims through the mobile app or member account.


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*If you participate in a DC FSA, you may not claim childcare credits on your tax return. Before you enroll, you should evaluate the tax advantages for each option as well as the impact on your tax liability and your ability to take advantage of the Earned Income Tax Credit

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