Travel Benefits

A Travel Expense Benefit allows employees to get reimbursed for qualified travel and medical expenses for care that is not available near their home.

The Travel Expense Benefit will reimburse member’s qualified travel medical expenses up to the federal limits.

How Does It Work?

Travel Benefits help offset out-of-pocket costs when traveling for non-cosmetic medical care when care isn’t available near a member’s home.

Once a member is in need of this benefit, they will simply enroll with Surency and submit a claim for reimbursement. Filling a claim electronically for reimbursement is easy through the Surency Member Account or the Surency Mobile App.

Eligible Expense


  • Mileage for personal transportation
  • Cost of meals in hospital/inpatient
  • Lodging ($50 per person per day) with maximum of $100
  • Parking and other travel expenses for medical necessity
  • Medically necessary travel companion
  • Public transportation for medical care (train, bus, rideshare, airline)

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