Easy Access to Your Account Funds

The Surency Benefits Card is a special-purpose Visa® Card that gives members an easy, automatic way to pay for eligible expenses. The Benefits Card lets members electronically access their Surency account funds. 

Example of benifits card

Use it when paying for eligible expenses at a provider or merchant that accepts Visa Cards and uses an inventory control system. These transactions may be automatically substantiated, meaning members don’t have to file a claim and may not have to submit a receipt. However, always keep all documentation for tax purposes or in case Surency requests further documentation.

The Benefits Card will work for several years, so don't throw it away! If you have an account next year, you will be able to continue to use the same Surency Benefits Card. We will issue you a new one when your current card expires.

How Does it Work?

  • Swipe the Surency Benefits Card at a merchant that uses an inventory control system. You can find that list here. Select credit and sign your purchase. All eligible expenses will be paid from the account and deducted from the total. If purchasing non-eligible items, you will need to have a second form of payment available for those items. Keep receipts if further validation is needed.
  • Use your Benefits Card to pay eligible medical bills, simply input the card information the same way you would pay via credit card. Be sure to keep your invoice if further validation is needed.

  • Use your Benefits Card to pay eligible expenses whether that be for parking or dependent care, just remember to keep your receipt/invoice/documentation for further validation. You will be able to easily snap a photo and attach it to your transaction in the Surency app or member account.
  • If you have multiple products with us but only one Benefits Card, don’t worry, our technology knows which account to pull funds from as you use it.


  • You may not have enough money in your account.
  • You selected “debit” instead of “credit.”
  • You are not purchasing eligible expenses.
  • The provider you are purchasing from does not have an inventory control system in place or does not have the correct merchant code.

If your card is declined and you have sufficient funds in your account, you can pay out-of-pocket and file a claim with Surency online through the member account or by using the Surency mobile app.

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