Find the answers below to the questions most frequently asked by our members. If you are enrolled in a Surency Vision plan, visit the Member Account to learn more about your vision benefits.

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How can I access my benefits information?

It’s easy to check your current eligibility status and view a summary of your plan’s vision benefits online using our secure Member Login. You can also print an ID card, check the status of a claim, or view how your claim paid. Your benefit information is also available by downloading the Surency Vision mobile app through the App Store or Google Play.

How do I find a provider in your network?

Locate a Surency Vision in-network provider by clicking here. You can also search for a provider by using the Surency Vision mobile app, available through the App Store or Google Play.

How do I save with my Surency Vision benefits?

On top of your vision benefits, Surency Vision members receive 40% off a full pair of additional eyeglasses or 20% off a partial pair (lenses or frames only) at participating in-network providers. You can also receive 20% off non-prescription sunglasses and accessories.

Can I add a family member to my vision coverage at any time?

No, dependent family members can only be added during open enrollment periods  through your employer or when a qualifying event occurs.

  • The following are considered qualifying events:
  • Birth/legal custody/adoption
  • Death
  • Loss of other vision insurance coverage
  • Marriage/divorce

Coverage begins the first of the month following the date of the qualifying event. Surency Vision must receive notice of the change in eligibility status within 31 days of the qualifying event. Otherwise, the change may only be made at the renewal date of the group contract if the employer allows such open enrollment.

Why was my son/daughter taken off my vision policy?

Your son or daughter may be been taken off your vision policy because of their age. Under your group vision plan, there is an age limit for covered dependents. Please check your policy to see the dependent age limit for your specific plan. If you have further questions, please contact our Customer Service department at 866-818-8805.

What do I need to send to Surency to verify my child’s full-time status?

We need a copy of a document providing proof that the student is enrolled in at least 12 credit hours (e.g. a copy of a paid tuition bill indicating class schedule or a letter from the registrar).

Does Surency have waiting periods for services?

Some employer groups may have waiting periods. Please check your benefits booklet to see if your group imposes waiting periods or log in to our Member Login to view your waiting period.

I have a dependent who is fully disabled. How long is he/she covered under my policy?

As long as the individual remains disabled and is fully dependent on you for support, and unmarried, he or she can remain a dependent on your insurance policy. Written proof is required from the attending physician to verify the dependent’s condition.

Does my group coverage run on a calendar year or a contract year?

The anniversary date for coverage varies from group to group. Please check with your employer for specific information on your group benefits and benefit year. 

I’m covered under two vision plans. How is my coverage handled?

Generally, if you are covered as an employee and as a dependent of an employee at another company, the coverage through your employer is primary. Children covered by parents who work for different employers are usually primary under the plan of the parent whose birthday occurs first in a calendar year (not necessarily the older parent). In determining coverage, total payments from both carriers cannot exceed 100 percent of the approved fee for the service. Please note that some groups have specified a “carve-out” clause in their vision programs that might limit a secondary carrier’s payment. If you have a question about Coordination of Benefits (COB), please contact our Customer Service department at 866-818-8805. 

How do I submit a claim?

When you visit an in-network provider, Surency Vision will take care of all the paperwork for you. If you see an out-of-network provider and you have out-of-network benefits as part of your plan, you’ll need to pay at the time of service and submit a claim form for reimbursement. Download an out-of-network claim form here

Can I use my benefits online?

Absolutely! You can visit ContactsDirect.com or LensCraftersContacts.com to purchase contact lenses online or Glasses.com to purchase glasses online, all while utilizing your in-network vision benefits. 

Can I apply FSA funds to out-of-pocket costs after my vision benefits are applied?

Yes, you can use your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) to pay for a variety of health-related out-of-pocket expenses, including those associated with supplementary benefits like your Surency Vision plan. Money from the FSA can be applied toward the eye exam copay, out-of-pocket costs for prescription glasses or contact lenses (including upgrades) and supplies, such as contact lens solution. Employees can even use FSA funds for LASIK surgery. 

If you have a benefits card connected to your FSA, you may use your card at the time of purchase to access your funds.

Vision care out-of-pocket costs are also eligible for Health Savings account reimbursement, although these expenses do not count toward your annual deductible.

How do I use my vision benefits?

To use your vision benefits, you should locate an eye doctor, schedule an appointment and receive services. When you visit an in-network provider, we’ll handle all the paperwork. 

You can also create an account within the Member Account or download the Surency Vision mobile app through the App Store or Google Play to view your benefits, find an eye doctor near you, use your mobile ID card or check the status of your claims.

Can I see one network provider for my exam and purchase my glasses through another network provider?

Yes. If you see two network providers, you simply make an appointment for the exam with the network provider of your choice, then make another appointment for materials with your other network provider of choice. The network providers will contact us directly to verify eligibility and plan coverage and to obtain authorization to provide services.

Note: If you want to have your lens prescription filled by a network provider other than the one who performed the exam, please check with the doctor’s office to ensure that it will fill another doctor’s prescription.

Will I be able to choose any eyewear product available at a network provider location?

Yes! By visiting a network provider, you can apply your benefit toward any available frame or brand of contact lenses that fit your lifestyle. Simply consult with your provider if you have any questions about how your vision care plan will be applied to your eyewear purchase and if your benefits will fully cover the cost or if you will have an out-of-pocket cost.

Do I need a referral to see a specialist?

If you are a member of Surency Vision, you do not need a referral to receive care from a specialist. However, we strongly encourage you to use the services of an in-network specialist to maximize your benefit coverage.

Will I receive an ID card? How can I obtain a replacement ID card?

Surency vision provides two ID cards in the subscriber’s name, but you are not required to have it at the time of service. Your optometrist’s office can view your benefits if you provide your social security number or member identification number.

If you need replacement ID cards or extras for your family, you can print replacement cards from the secure Member Account or download the Surency Vision mobile app through the App Store or Google Play to pull up a mobile ID card anytime, anywhere. The card will have the primary subscriber’s name on them, but it can be used for any covered member. 

Do you offer laser vision correction coverage?

Surency Vision offers a laser vision discount. With Surency Vision, you can save at LasikPlus®, TLC Laser Eye Centers and The LASIK Vision Institute.


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