Surency provides flexible and straightforward reimbursement accounts, vision insurance and COBRA administration options. We are proud to offer plans that are easy to use and easy to understand. 

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The IRS has released the 2025 HSA maximum contribution limits. See below for changes from 2024 to 2025: 2025 CONTRIBUTION, OUT-OF-POCKET LIMITS FOR HEALTH SAVINGS ACCOUNTS (HSA) AND HIGH-DEDUCTIBLE HEALTH PLANS…

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Five of the most common health issues you face as a male can carry a risk of serious harm to your vision. Learn the ways your vision can be affected by each of these diseases, and what you can do to help avoid them.   1. Diabetes About 15.5% of men in the…

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It is common knowledge that a vision care exam is the number one way to ensure your eyes stay happy and healthy. But did you know that there are other, more unexpected ways to ensure your employees keep their eyes healthy? While there is no substitute for…

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