Benefits Card


How to use your Surency AdvantagePlus Benefits Card:

1.   Have the cashier ring up all of your items together.


2.   When it is time to pay, swipe your Surency AdvantagePlus Benefits Card first and be sure to select the "credit" option since you don't have a PIN number.
3.   All eligible medical expenses will be paid for from your FSA, HRA or HSA and deducted from your total.
4.   If you are purchasing non-medical items, you will need to have a second form of payment available for those items. 
5.   Keep your receipts in the event that further validation is needed.


Why is my card being declined?
  You may not have enough money in your account
  You selected "debit" instead of "credit"
  You are not purchasing qualified medical expenses
  The provider you are purchasing from does not have an inventory control system in place or does not have the correct merchant code
  You are purchasing an over-the-counter medication that requires a prescription
If your card is declined and you have sufficient funds in your account, you can pay out-of-pocket and file a claim with Surency.

Surency AdvantagePlus Benefits Card Presentation

View this presentation to learn more about getting the most out of your Benefits Card. Please note, your device must be equipped with speakers in order to hear the narration.

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