Summer Eye Care

If you are heading outdoors this summer to relax by the water or play sports, make sure you’re taking the right precautions to keep your eyes protected.

Block the Rays

Overexposing your eyes to UV rays can cause serious eye problems such as cataracts. When choosing a pair of sunglasses, it is important to pick a pair that blocks both UVA and UVB rays. Look for labels that say 99% or 100% UV protection. This is an easy way you can avoid damaging your eyes while spending time in the sun. If you're unsure of the UV protection your current sunglasses provide, you can take the sunglasses to an optician to have them checked. 

Stop the Glare

While UV protection helps block harmful rays, what about that annoying glare? If you plan on spending a lot of time on the water, driving, or playing certain sports this summer, purchasing glasses with polarized lenses is a necessity. Polarized lenses are designed to help reduce glare from surfaces which in turn will help improve clarity and can help reduce unnecessary eye strain.

Choose Your Color

Sunglass lenses come in all different colors and each provide different protections. If you’re doing a lot of driving or playing outdoor sports, grey tinted glasses may be a good choice as they provide glare protection without distorting colors. However, you should consider the weather in your area when choosing a lens shade as different shades perform better in different types of weather. If you’re unsure of which color to choose, you can visit with your eye doctor to find out which color of lens will work best for your lifestyle.

Spending time outdoors is a great way to enjoy the summer months and daily exposure to sunlight is important for your health, just make sure to always protect your eyes with a good pair of sunglasses or a big hat.