Introducing Amazon Health Shopper

Use Your Surency Flex Benefits Card to Purchase Eligible Items on Amazon

Surency Flex is pleased to announce the availability of Health Shopper, an e-commerce website designed around shopping for FSA/HSA eligible items via the shopping experience.

Health Shopper gives members the ability to search for a wide range of FSA/HSA eligible items and discover products they may not know were eligible. 

How to Use the Benefits Card: Within their Amazon account, members will need to register their Surency Flex Benefits Card like they would any credit or debit card.  They can search for eligible items via the Health Shopper website and utilize the Surency Flex Benefits Card to complete the purchase.

Members can continue to utilize value added benefits from Amazon, like their Amazon Prime Membership (which includes free shipping on items), just as they have in the past. Health Shopper will continually highlight coupons and special deals on eligible products. So, make sure they come back and visit the site often!

Health Shopper is available to Surency Flex members at no additional cost.  Just visit the site at the link below to discover eligible products, and potential savings while utilizing Amazon to purchase products.