Common Eye Conditions: Astigmatism

Almost everyone has astigmatism to some extent. For those with more serious or developing cases of astigmatism, it can become hazardous and affect your quality of life if left untreated.

Having astigmatism means that your eyeball is not perfectly round. Essentially, your eyeball is shaped like a football, causing light to bend more in one direction than another.

Astigmatism may be something you are born with or it can develop after an eye injury, disease, or surgery. It can easily be diagnosed by your eye doctor during an eye exam. Your doctor may recommend a special corrective contact lens, called toric. For severe cases, your  doctor may suggest gas-permeable rigid contact lenses. Laser eye surgery is also an option for some, which changes the shape of your cornea to correct the astigmatism. Your doctor will recommend the best option for you.

Signs of Astigmatism

You may notice blurry or double vision. From both far and near, objects may appear blurry when not squinting. Some even find that parts of the same object are in focus while other parts are blurry. If you have any of these issues, schedule an eye exam so you can find out what is causing the problem. Click here to search for an in-network Surency Vision doctor and schedule an exam today.