2019 HSA Limits Released

The IRS has released the 2019 HSA maximum contribution limits. See below for changes from 2018 to 2019:


2019 Contribution & Out-of-Pocket Limits for Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and High-Deductible Health Plans (HDHP)




HSA contribution limit (employer + employee)

Self-only: $3,450
Family: $6,900*

Self-only: $3,500
Family: $7,000

HSA catch-up contributions (age 55 or older)*



HDHP minimum deductibles

Self-only: $1,350
Family: $2,700

Self-only: $1,350
Family: $2,700

HDHP maximum out-of-pocket amounts (deductibles, co-payments and other amounts, but not premiums)

Self-only: $6,650
Family: $13,300

Self-only: $6,750
Family: $13,500

*IRS Announced change on Thursday, April 26 to the Family HSA Contribution Limit from a previously lowered Family limit of $6,850.


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